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Sofia Singer-Songwriter Fest

Ива Янкулова – “Fearless Tuesday”

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Fearless Tuesday, a day to remember
I’m listening still to the old-fashioned ^song.
You’re touching me softly, your skin is so tender
I’m waking up silent by the cold pouring rain.

Nobody knew where the blue key was hidden
it was stuffed in the vase that was broken in June
well, I promised myself I would not be so faded
The violet lipstick is under the bed

Facing down in the other direction
You’re saving me from falling apart
Hold me tight in another dimension,
Find relief in a chamber of the past.

Pick up some blossoms from where you are going
wrap them with silk and send them by doves.
Look at the skies how the drops keep on falling
yesterday morning it was all just a dream.

I’m used to the moods that the weather keeps showing
Here in the mountain i’m raising my child
And you’re gonna be in another dimension
Raising your child to our old-fashioned song.

Ива Янкулова
Ива Янкулова Author

Ива Янкулова е актриса, фотомодел и автор-изпълнител. 

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